Genome: Burkholderia thailandensis E264

Organism nameBurkholderia thailandensis E264 
Taxon ID271848 
NCBI project ID10774 
Taxonomic lineage → cellular organisms
  → Bacteria
   → Proteobacteria
    → Betaproteobacteria
     → Burkholderiales
      → Burkholderiaceae
       → Burkholderia
        → pseudomallei group
         → Burkholderia thailandensis
          → Burkholderia thailandensis E264
IMG OID637000052 
GC content67% 
Genome Length (bp)6723972 bp 
Number of Replicons2 
Number of Genes5713 
Number of unclonable genes8 
Number of genes with decreased coverage73 
Number of unclonable intergenic regions2